The Norwegian Maritime Pilots' Association

is a politically independant association of Norwegian maritime pilots

About us

More information about our association.

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Maritime Pilotage

More about maritime pilotage in Norway.

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Points of contact for our association.

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Norwegian maritime pilots on Instagram

  • Kongeskipet Norge lostjenesten kystverket longyearpilot
  • new fishingvessel bigscreen honningsvg kystverket lostjenesten piloting marinepilot
  • lostjenesten kystverket los maritimepilot helgeland
  • kystverket lostjenesten
  • kystverket lostjenesten
  • Grytidlig morgen i geirangerfjorden sikkerseilas lostjenesten
  • vannylvsgapet heim sibelco kystverket sikkerseilas lostjenesten
  • This picture is from this spring during piloting a small
  • Sometimes were get something good to the coffee onboard marinepilot
  • Have you ever wondered what a pilot boat look inside?
  • Have been on the north side of svalbard for a
  • kystverket lostjenesten