Workplace kommer i ny drakt 5. august 2019

Som tidligere annonsert så vil Workplace gjennomgå en oppgradering og vil se litt annerledes ut. Dette skjer 5. august 2019.

Today, Workplace announced upcoming changes to the user interface. Based on feedback from customers like us and how we use the product, they are making some changes to the look and feel of the tool. The new Workplace design retains its familiarity and makes it easier for people to connect and collaborate.

Here’s a short tutorial video:

The main benefits of the new Workplace experience are that you can:

Reliably get the information you need: The new navigation makes it easy to switch between Workplace groups, Notifications and Chat. The new notifications view helps you stay on top of your notifications by displaying them as an inbox and enables you to filter them based on your preferences. You also have more granular controls over your notifications. Ultimately, it’s now much faster to check and act on your notifications.

Get work done with fewer distractions: Groups are where people get work done. So now they are much more prominent and make it easy to keep track of the groups you’ve joined, to re-order your shortcuts, and to navigate to the groups that are most important to you. You can also collapse both the navigation and the right-hand column to focus on the content you care about. And because it’s faster, you’ll spend less time waiting for a page to load.

Easily find and connect with people: The home page leverages the machine learning elements ofthe “work graph” to focus on the people and groups closest to you. You can find what you need in the Home tab and if you’re working on a Teams & Project group, you can switch between the “Posts” and the “Chat” tabs easily to make sure everyone’s on the same page. You can also use the redesigned files tab to organize your work on Workplace. This means fewer clicks to find someone, to start a chat, or to connect your groups and chats.

The new experience will become available in the upcoming months. Starting on June 5, you’ll see a message on Workplace prompting you to try out the new experience. At that point, you can enter the new Workplace and start using it. To give you time to adapt, you’ll be able to switch back to the classic view of Workplace.

Here’s a more in depth description of the changes.

Let us know if you have any questions!

Your Workplace team

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